February 13, 2012

It's Great to be 65!

Family stresses are still there and ongoing. Enough said. No sign of migraine, which is an amazing first, but my brain is just too healthy now to bother with drama I guess.

Well, here I am at 65. It's funny, really, how your perspective changes over the years. In my 30s, I hobbled around like an old person and here I am, an OLD person, and I walk like someone in her 30s. If you've followed my story at all you know the difference is wheat.

I picked up new information last week on the wheat issue. In the last year or two before I started ancestral eating I had noticed slight losses of balance and "clumsiness" as things I was holding dropped out of my hand after a minute or so. I didn't connect that particular problem to wheat even when I realized many other chronic symptoms had disappeared--I had labeled that problem as "aging" and hadn't given it any more thought UNTIL last week, when I was reading about gluten sensitivity and read that "ataxia" can be one of the symptoms. Ataxia is when your brain is affected by gluten and you suffer balance and coordination issues. Hmm.

I then thought hard about my own balance/coordination issues and realized I didn't have any and hadn't had any since about the time I changed my eating patterns. I did have a nasty fall last summer but it started when a stepping stone slid from under my foot, my ankle rolled, and my lower leg bone slammed down on an adjacent stepping stone. Totally wrecked my ankle and bruised (or worse) the leg bone.

Anyhow, the long list of symptoms caused by wheat now includes brain interference that thankfully seems to have healed. 

I made the mistake of letting my friends know the date of my birth. If I had a time machine that would be one of my first adjustments. Just kidding, actually, I had a wonderful morning laughing at the cards they gave me and gabbing for a couple hours in our breezy but temperate morning. I wore my favorite tee, "So far, this is the oldest I've ever been." 

Food-wise, I'm ignoring the birthday thing. I'm having a physical in 2 days so it wouldn't make sense to eat insane food--and I don't really want any anyhow. The afore-mentioned friends were telling me it's time to eat bran muffins vs. cake anyhow, and I of course reminded them I'm off wheat. So they said rice bran would work. :-))

It's a weird birthday because I feel so good and my mood is ebullient, yet I have loved ones in deep stress. I'm reacting differently than in the past. Before, it seemed I joined them within the stressed zone--hence the follow-up migraines--but now I offer support and comfort and laughter from outside the stressed zone. I think that may make me more valuable to them but we're all feeling a difference.

I'll close by saying I'm feeling really good about my health and weight improvements and it would be very cool if I could finish the weight-loss phase and just enjoy maintenance ancestral-style next year. If that happens, I might even make some kind of paleo dessert.


  1. Happy Birthday, Nance! Here's to another great year of continued health and mental clarity. Your food choices are certainly helping as you go through a time of family stress.

    It's interesting that you mentioned your balance and stability has improved by eating an ancestral diet. My balance and hand grip has also improved during the past year of eating correctly.

    In two days it will be a year of ancestral eating for me and I, too, feel better than I did in my thirties (I'm 56). What a difference a year makes! Last year rheumatoid arthritis caused severe joint pain and stiffness. Now the aches and pains of RA don't bother me anymore other than a few minutes of a tiny bit of stiffness in my fingers upon awakening.

    I feel I have a new lease on life. Sometimes though, I feel a little scared that I'll be like Cinderella. The clock will strike midnight and RA will once again rear its ugly head with a vengance. I'm hoping to keep RA at bay with this wonderful way of eating for the rest of my life.

    1. I've experienced the Cinderella worry too, Kathleen. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! Mine will be in April if we don't count my final binges last August. Savor every minute of your happier joints--I sure am.

      Sometimes I hear whispers in my ear such as, "Will I stop losing weight?" I keep reading blog articles that these eating changes work only in the short term. You know what? I don't care--I'm enjoying the ride and as long as I feel great I'll either lose the rest or my fat or I won't. I'll be happy and even proud either way. My only concern right now is that every time it gets cooler I stop walking. I need to get over that!

  2. Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday Nance! And MANY more...
    I love that I too have found this way to live (and confess to being jealous of the kids who have found it at such a young age - the years spent feeling miserable, and thinking ... this was the way it had to be...)
    My weight is coming off slowly - which is fine with me (wouldn't have been when I was younger and wanted results NOW)
    I am so much calmer now that I can't believe myself. I have never been hyper/angry etc, But I got STRESSED to the point of depression (and would have recovered much sooner had I sought medical help, and perhaps medication, but that is not the NZ way)...
    I am loving my new calm, clear attitude (and so is my husband - I can see him looking sideways at me... lol)
    There is so much more to this than weight-loss. It will happen - not overnight, but it WILL happen.
    And, you know what? There are MUCH worse things to be - than fat...
    I hope your next year is FABULOUS