February 15, 2012

Coming Back Soon ...

Update 2/18/12: Things are leveling out for me. That could change at any moment but as things stand now I'll be back to business as usual within a week.
One Form of Stress Relief
Due to some things not related to ancestral eating I am not blogging right now. My son and grandson are having separate-but-related issues at the moment and it's enough external stress that I need to focus on my health and well-being for a while rather than reading forums (other people's stressors) and blogging.

FYI, one thing I'm trying at the moment to help manage my own stress is alternate-day fasting (ADF.) So far, it's working beautifully to keep me aware of my own needs and health rather than sinking into my loved ones' stress. Unlike some who try ADF I am just eating my usual ancestral foods on my feeding days rather than "anything I want." Since I've practiced intermittent fasting for months, this is just a slight extension but the calming effect of IF does seem somewhat amplified for me so far.

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