February 10, 2012

Hope You Had a Great Week!

Before you ask, yes I did have a great week. I ate carefully, started my days with breakfasts of fat/protein, and I feel fabulous.

Here in the extreme southern tip of Nevada, we've had a balmy week so I was walking around at mid-day in knee-length pants. Pants, I might add, that were too tight to wear this time last year, wearable but needed to be worn for a while before going outside last summer, nicely snug out of the dryer last fall and are NOW beautifully loose.

Once again, after using recent cold weather as an excuse not to, I've started to do some walking. And, as I'd advise you to do, I started sensibly by walking briskly for only 20 minutes. At the end of my walk I felt no fatigue or soreness but when I got out of a chair a few hours later there were mild twinges--and muscle tone--that told me the walking did good things. Next week I'll look at going farther.

I've had upsetting things going on within my family this week and while I wouldn't have asked for such a test I'm truly pleased with my physical response. All my life I was "the rock" during a crisis but once things settled down I would collapse with anxiety, depression and migraine. During those past crises, I wouldn't be able to sleep or eat normally due to adrenaline surges although my conscious mind was strong and available to support others.

This time, I'm actually feeling the stress at a more conscious level although my interaction with my family is pretty "rock-ish." The good thing is that my robust appetite and great night's sleep last night appear to indicate I'm processing this stressful interval in a much more healthy way. I'll be able to report next week on whether or not a follow-up migraine attack occurred. So far, though, this week seems to confirm that the repair of my digestion and metabolism has also repaired some of my neurological processes.


  1. Congrats on the continued progress! Don't those loose pants feel great?

    Hope the family stuff has resolved and you're well. :)

  2. Hi, Evelyn, and thanks. This family problem won't be resolved quickly so it's even more important for me to.be healthy and thinking clearly. Family can be a good cure for sanity sometimes. :-/

  3. I'm sorry there are problems. I will keep my fingers crossed that your migraines don't happen - they are truly miserable! XXXOOO