April 2, 2013

To Fellow Grapefruit Lovers

Note: I read and enjoy every single comment. At the moment, though, the blog isn't letting me reply to them. I hope to resolve that soon!

Apologies to the majority of humans who eat little or no grapefruit, but this short post is dedicated to my favorite fruit, red/pink grapefruit.

And we start with the question, Why?

Why, for all those 60-some years, did I carefully cut my grapefruit in half, slice around each half just inside the rind and separate the segments by painstakingly cutting on both sides of each membrane?

My current method is SO MUCH EASIER!

Holding my grapefruit with the stem at the top, I slice it into quarters vertically and then slice each quarter into 3 wedges. There's no magic number, but I find a 1/12th wedge the perfect size to put partially into my mouth in order to suck the yummy flesh/membranes off the rind. Edit:  I peel the rind away from the pointed corners, put the partially peeled flesh in my mouth and pull off the remaining rind. Just in case you were wondering.

While I like many fruits, there's no nothing I enjoy more, and nothing that seems to stimulate good health, more than a good ripe grapefruit. I know many people take 1 or more prescriptions that force them to avoid grapefruit, but the irony is I really believe my love of grapefruit is one of the reasons this old lady takes no prescriptions.

I've been told I'm a fast healer, but I certainly wasn't as a poor child from the north who rarely saw citrus. When I was 11, we spent a few winter months in Florida and I ate a lifetime's dosage. What happened, you ask? Well, lifelong minor nosebleeds and bleeding gums disappeared never to be heard from again AND in about 4 months I grew 3 inches.

Today, of course, there are hopefully very kids at risk for scurvy but I can attest that my best heath has always been those times when I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and meat. Hmm, sounds like a food plan, doesn't it?

With all due respect to the "an apple a day" folks, the menu item I'm most eager to dive into each day is my grapefruit. 

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