April 23, 2013

The Blackout Was a Healthy Thing

For a 24 hour period I stayed off the web. I'm embarrassed to admit I got more done in one day than I had in the previous week.

Granted, it was an extraordinary week and I spent many hours browsing and chatting about the events in Boston and Texas. But still ...

I'm feeling great and eating healthy but it's time to look at how sedentary I've been lately. I was very active in March but somehow in April my primary exercise routine has involved my sitting muscles. ::-)

I did enough yesterday to feel ouchy in my back and a little stiff and tired in my  muscles--in other words, wonderful. Physical work is always great for my spirits.

Thanks to walking my dogs and tending my potted garden, plus parking in the outer fringes of parking lots, carrying my own laundry, groceries, etc., I get more exercise than most of my friends. Despite being 66 my muscles still respond vigorously to work and have good tone.

I certainly don't plan to stop knitting, reading, and engaging in online activity but I need to do a better job of keeping the body machine in motion and using those muscles.

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