April 29, 2012

Update: We Interrupt This Fast With Breaking News ...

Okay, "life happens." Friday morning my friends pulled out and headed for Wisconsin. I was sad but I was fine with it being a fasting day.

An hour later I got a call from school saying the grandkid was being suspended from school again. Oops. I gave it a few hours but finally decided I didn't want to deal with my first all-day fast in over a month on the same day I was coping with family drama. So I ate, but what I DIDN'T do was my traditional "drive to the store, buy a shopping cart full of junk and binge" routine.

On Saturday, I ate but delayed my main meal until 2 pm; I actually ate a little less than usual so I do feel I'm back in weight-loss mode even though I haven't fasted yet. The plan for today is to eat at 4 pm and take another stab at fasting on Monday. Sunday would normally be my no-limits day but since I didn't fast Friday I've changed it to a moderate day.

There's a family meeting planned for Tuesday and it will probably be helpful to be in a fasted state for the meeting as it makes my mind very clear.

Some days it's easy to sympathize with female cats who eat their young ...

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