December 23, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Like many others, I'll be seeing some family members at Christmas and missing others. I derived some comfort from sending gift cards to those far away and I derived additional comfort and some laughs from visiting with friends. And I'm very lucky to have my grandson living with me; when he's not making me feel really old, he makes me feel younger.

I'll be traveling today and eating at a buffet in Vegas. That should be interesting; I'm hoping to find enough "ancestral" foods that I don't have to risk more digestive upset OR feel deprived. Yes, I'm a little wary due to the shortbread I convinced myself would be okay earlier this week. You can read  yesterday's post if you want to know more about that sorry episode.

Update: I was very pleased with the foods offered at the buffet at The Fiesta in Henderson, NV. There was good news on 2 counts: the foods I was able to find and how immune I was to the foods that would've been tempting a year ago. On the latter, when I looked at them it was as if they were plaster figurines; I had no interest in eating them. My selections: an orange, a leafy salad with good color, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, a tsp of black-eyed peas and another of chickpeas, pulled pork, beef brisket, crayfish. For dessert I nabbed a small-scoop coconut sweet that had a hint of lemon flavor.

Now the preparations are as done as they're going to be and I plan to eat "bacon bites", some sauteed duck and home-made eggnog.

Have a great holiday!


  1. NANCE! I had to share, cos I knew you would understand... Christmas is gone... and I ATE NO SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read the post by Dr Jack (aka The Quilt) and resolved to start the Leptin reset then and there... AND I DID!!!
    I am so thrilled with myself... though this last few days have NOT been easy.
    I will post about it, but most of the people who look at my blog have NO idea what I am doing... LOVE them anyway... :-)
    Happy New Year XO

  2. I DO understand! And that is AMAZING! I too was very affected by the Quilt's post and my next phase will be in the spirit of his post. I seem to be leptin sensitive so I'm going to do some "protein recycling" days in January. I think that will be a strong kick-off for the second half of my weight loss.