December 25, 2011

Fun Is Not Spelled "Food"

Ah, the joy of a holiday morning.

I can catch him--he did!
I surprised my grandson with a stocking of goodies, trinkets and a gaming chat-set although I think I got a better happy reaction from him with the home-made eggnog. He's hooked for life!

I shared the eggnog with some friends yesterday and I'm lucky to be friends with such enjoyable and wonderful people.

Puff of Smoke

Buzz Lightyear
Each of my 2 kitties got a catnip toy and some catnip to roll in, so we're currently having a wild kitty rodeo. They are ROWDY!

Taco (head dog)

The 3 toy dogs each got a squeak toy with 2 slices of dog jerky. They campaigned for 3, but then they gave up and played with their toys.

Bailey the Beserker
I'm sipping on eggog myself and I've resolved to never buy another container of store-bought because it just doesn't compare to organic milk/cream, organic eggs and real vanilla (plus a little sugar, of course--it is a holiday after all.)

Life is good when you're eating in a way that makes you feel good and you can share good energies with others.


  1. Kathleen Conway12/26/11, 9:49 AM

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas with your grandson, doggies, and cats!

  2. I really did, and I hope your holiday was terrific also. Here's to a strong and healthy January!

  3. I am a cat person (which is not to say I don't like dogs!)... your doggies are cute, but your cats are GORGEOUS! What breed are they?
    And I think it is great that you are being such a wonderful example for your grandson. I just read Mark Sisson's latest post on the subject of teens and Primal living...

  4. Believe it or not, my cats are litter mates. They could not be less alike in size, color, body type or personality. Their mom is a purebred Ragdoll (dad is unknown but we suspect a local feral tom) my friends took in as a stray. When she presented them with 5 kittens I adopted these two. Puff runs about 8 pounds when chubby; Buzz is lean and still weighs about 15. They are the most active, rowdy cats I've ever seen and I've been around cats all my life.

  5. Hi Nance! Thought I'd check out your blog. Nice job :) Buzz Lightyear is an absolutely beautiful cat!