April 6, 2013

Saturday Brunch

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Even though I'm retired, I still tend to differentiate between weekdays and the weekend. I'm more apt to do housework and errands during the week and relax or do fun things on weekends.

Usually I have at least one meal per weekend that is designed to be a little different than my typical meal and is large enough to make me feel very full of food. Doing this seems to help me succeed at relegating food to a place of lower importance the rest of the time.

I'm pleased enough with today's Saturday brunch to share it here.

I started with some fresh pork fatback. If you aren't familiar with it, it's basically scraps of fat and meat that aren't pretty enough to sell at a higher price as a more familiar named cut. I bought a large package, enough for 9 portions, for a dollar and change.

I usually use the fatback to season a pan for the main meat and/or veggies of the meal, but 2 servings stuck together in the freezer so I defrosted them both. 

I browned the fatback really well on low-medium heat, which gave me some nice liquid fat in the pan into which I scrambled 3 eggs when the fatback was done and crispy. When the eggs were about done, I dumped a can of cut asparagus onto the mix and prepared a dish of banana and mineola orange.

As you can see from the pic,
this was a larger than usual meal for me. Many of my meals consist of large food volume but lower density due to large green salads. I do that to encourage gradual fat loss, but today was intended to be more of a healthy splurge or maintenance day. 

I did leave some chunks of pork fat uneaten, mainly the centers of pieces from which I chewed the crispy exterior, but I ate everything else.

I don't intend to eat anything else today. Tomorrow is tentatively planned as a fruit/salad/tuber-and-veggie roast day, which should leave me hungry for the beef I'm planning for Monday.

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  1. You're Paleo journey is very inspiring! Saw you on paleohacks and thought I should check out this blog. I'm so glad that health benefits can be achieved by changing how we're eating well past 40 (the dreaded number where everything seems to 'magically' start going down hill). I'm a twenty-something myself but trying to convince Mom and Dad to change their eating to paleo, see if it helps with the wide spectrum of health issues they have collectively. I just want everyone to feel awesome the way I do, y'know?

    Anyway, thank you for sharing! I'll be looking through your blog little by little and gaining insights through your experience.

    Have a great week!