April 12, 2012

Meat Day Anyone?

Note: I am participating in Chris Kresser's "Best Your Stress" challenge for the month of April. I have cut back 90% on my participation at Paleo Hacks and have also cut way back on reading various eating-related web sites. This has reduced my stress level so much I may call the change permanent unless/until some topic of discussion sucks me back into the daily whirl.

I made a routine visit to the store yesterday because I was out of heavy cream for my coffee  :O

I had no intent to buy meat, but my eyes skimmed past a few turkeys sitting in a fresh meat case and there it was--a big "50% off" sign. These were minimally processed "no this or that" turkeys so .99/lb. got my attention. I bought a 14-pounder.

Before I had all the groceries put away, that baby was de-bagged, rubbed with a bit of coconut oil and slapped into the oven. Instead of my usual main meal of grapefruit, salad, meat and vegetables I had crispy turkey wings, crispy turkey skin, some thigh and neck meat plus half of the liver (wrapped in crispy skin, of course.) My only other food yesterday was 2/3 c extra-fat yogurt with a banana and a handful of strawberries.

A few times in early evening my brain asked about the possibility of eating "something yummy" but my gut happily replied, "Nope! We've got turkey down here!"

Some days meat just hits the spot. Today I'll be freezing most of the white meat for use in mixed dishes and eating more wing, thigh and back meat (the grandkid claims the drumsticks.) The carcass will go into the slow-cooker with some leftover meat/broth from the Easter ham.

Note to self: on future holidays, swing into the store the following Wednesday to see what's 50% off.


  1. You and I seem to be on the same page at the same time! A few weeks ago I cut my Paleo Hacks reading back to about 90%. I now think I might even make it 100%. The reason I stopped reading Paleo Hacks is because I got so wrapped up in all the differing advice that I stopped listening to what my own body was telling me.

    The last few weeks I've really been paying attention to my body cues. As a result my blood glucose levels are stellar and my morning finger joint stiffness is almost gone. I've also lost a few more pounds. In general, I feel much calmer now that I've removed myself from the conflicting nutritional advice on PH and other nutrition/food sites.

    1. Yes, if I were to make a "final" decision today I'd back out of participating/reading and just watch the PH questions scroll by on Twitter. I don't think I'll lock the door but I may be about done with it all. My 3 reasons are: too many scary questions on PH that need professional, not casual, advice; fatigue with people who are working so hard to convince me they're "right" that I've lost interest; and, perhaps most importantly, the stress relief and feeling of freedom getting away from it all.

  2. Hey Nance, I'm also on the edge of cutting PH out of my life. It is becoming more of an anchor weighing me down than a sense of community lately. It has become more of a habit than anything, and as such, needs to be evaluated for what it's actually bringing to me. And the answer is: not much.I am heretofore going to give it a pass for a week and see how I feel. Plus, you know I admire your level-headed approach to things and without your voice in the answers, it's no fun anymore :(

    At least I know I can keep up with you over here. The turkey sounds great, enjoy! I'm doing a leg of lamb with red cabbage and sweet potatoes for company tonight. Big-ass salad too.

    PS my water kefir experiment didn't really pan out - I find I can't keep two kinds of kefir going at once, plus the occasional bulgarian yogurt. Too much tending, not to mention storing. Plus there was that explosion... My water kefir just smelled too, too yeasty, it wasn't reproducing, and I got a nasty bout of diarrhea one day. After that I didn't trust it any more.

    Maybe I'll give another source a try someday, but for now I'm sticking with the milk kefir and sheep's milk yogurt and sauerkraut. Maybe it's too much dairy, but it doesn't seem to disagree with me too much.

    Keep up the de-stressing.

    1. I am feeling MUCH less stress now! I'll admit, a few times I've scanned the active questions on PH but it was like gawking at a roadside accident--no good feelings or interest so I left again.

      Re: the kefir, in fact probiotics in general, after the healing period in which I drank up to 6 cups per day of water kefir I reached saturation and now go 1-2 days with none and then drink about 2 cups.

      I haven't noticed either powerful healing or saturation with the yogurt, but with the water kefir there can definitely be too much of a good thing. With the days off and smaller quantities, though, I'm back to thriving on it.