January 22, 2012

Chain Saw Stew

Sorry about the title, but my kitchen currently looks like the scene of a chain-saw murder.  

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been hungry for more fruit and vegetables lately and still enjoying but much less hungry for meat. And, as you may already know, I always have a bone broth stew on hand with less meat nowadays than in the past but still very rich with meat juices and marrow, etc.

So my menu today reflects my current interests. I started with my usual coffee--flavored with heavy cream and local honey. 

The first course of my breakfast was a whole grapefruit, 2 tangelos and a ripe banana. Before eating those, though, I started the main course. I had my stew in the slow-cooker to re-heat it for adding fresh vegetables later today so I started by dipping out about a cup of fatty meat broth. I put that on my induction cook-top and sliced/peeled 3 nice fresh beets. Once I had the beets cooking away in the broth, I dug out the remaining cooked rutabaga, cabbage, fennel, celery and carrots from the stew to clear the way for the next set of vegetables (celery, carrots, cabbage and rutabaga.) 

I left the dished-out warm vegetables, with bits of meat and fat, in the dish while the beets cooked and I ate the fruit. I then added some pats of butter to the top of the stewed vegetables before dumping the cooked beets and broth over the top of the other vegetables.

Chain Saw Stew
Heaven! I definitely inhaled the beets. Sorry, I ate about 2/3 of the beets before remembering I really should take a pic but I figured late was better than never. My review of this ad-lib recipe is that the beets were very sweet and while the visual is a little vivid--definitely blood red broth--the flavors meshed wonderfully. This was a GREAT meal!

Okay, the final step is to clean up the "gore" from my pans, bowl and counter. I will make this recipe again soon.

P.S. I called my meal "breakfast" because it's my first meal of the day. I may or may not eat again, though. If I do eat later, it will be a meat-based meal since I've already had a lot of vegetables and fruit.


  1. Funny!
    I love my crock-pot and the delicious things that come out of it (I add new veggies as it goes on too)
    I have failed at the Leptin reset... I lasted 10 days, but eating all that food first thing made me feel really uncomfortable.
    I'm going to continue to eat an early breakfast of protein - just not so much of it!

  2. I cheated big-time on the leptin reset! My breakfast was a large piece of fatty meat, but I ate it at mid-day. :-)) Actually, it worked for me but I think it took a little longer.

  3. Are you ok Nance? I haven't seen you on PaleoHacks for a while, so am worrying about you... XO

    1. Hi, Janet! Thanks for asking. I'm doing fine, although I've been less interested in my typical activities for a few days--there'll be a new post on that soon. I'm still visiting PH a few times per day, but I've backed off a little since some of the new questions are about things on which I have no expertise. I figure that will cycle back my way soon. :-))

  4. I'm glad you're ok. It was very interesting to read your take on the Leptin reset. I'm still eating a big protein breakfast - just a bit later... I don't mind if it takes longer to work... :-)